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Cleaning solutions for small to medium-sized businesses

We work closely with several property owners that have homes at the lake that they rent out for vacation rentals. Our list of services we provide for vation homes go far beyond cleaning. We offer point of contact for the guests, lockout services, linens, Spring cleans, basic maintenance service, restocking and more. We work closely with other local service providers in the area and we have developed a trusted network of individuals I call on for services needed that I do not offer in case of emergency.

In addition to short term rentals, we offer services to Churches in the area and small businesses.

Due to recent events we have increased our processes to now include extra disinfecting services after cleaning is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available to clean after normal business hours?
Of course! We are happy to accommodate in any way we can. We have by appointment only after hours available for your convenience. We also offer Emergency appointments for the unexpected.
Do you have insurance?
Yes! We have a general Liability policy. You can send an email to request a copy.
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